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August 17, 2018  
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Arc Innovates Resources is an offshoot company of Arc Innovates, United Kingdom. Established in Nigeria- specializes in Architecture, Construction, Development and allied Real Estate services. We operate across the full project life cycle with strong expertise in Residential Estate & Individual Developments.


We are an Innovative Firm with a goal to achieve success at every of our endeavor at first time. Through diligence, hard work and attention to the highest professional standards, Arc Innovates is positioned to be a leading service provider firm to both corporate and individual needs.

We believe in achieving a close client – firm relationship with our corporate and individual clientele by offering the advantage of innovative modern style practice and traditional personal service by so doing surpass our peers with timely delivery.

Arc Innovates is strategically placed in providing diverse opportunities in a cross section of ways ranging from empowerment to development of both the people and the environment.


We provide speedy and responsive services; practical and meaningful advice; and cost effective professional solutions. Thus building good business relationships and above all add value to our clients.

"We are Partners.For.Your.Goal."  




Affordable Fully Detached Houses

Avon Royal Court (ARC) is now selling its Premium 5Bedroom terrace Houses and off-plan Premium Finish 4Bedroom fully Detached Houses with attached servant quarters.

Also available are plots of land within gated estate.

Take advantage of our Payment Plan.

Please contact us for more information; mail@arcinnovates.com

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